CIO Vancouver Summit | TBD | Vancouver, BC, Canada



The Future of the CIO in the Coming Digital Economy

Keynote Presentation - 8:10 am - 8:50 am

As more businesses undergo a digital transformation, and as those digital transformations become more ingrained into organizational culture, Digital becomes not something unique and different from the business, but a core component of every aspect of the business. As this shift occurs, IT itself faces the very real possibility of no longer being something unique from the business, but instead a component of every aspect of the business. In this world, what role then exists for the CIO? Two clear paths are presenting themselves – one leads to a focus on infrastructure and integration, to keeping the lights on for the digital innovators, while the other leads to information and innovation itself. Knowing what path to choose, how to choose it, and how to see it through will be one of the greatest challenges CIOs of this era will face.


  • Change is, if not already hear, certainly coming and CIOs that don’t prepare for the change may not like the results when it arrives
  • Digital transformation is all about connecting enterprise system to information technology to drive productivity and performance improvements
  • Be prepared to tackle the tasks that no-one wants to do, but everyone needs done; establish relevance to cultivate importance