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Using Data & Analytics to Drive Business Transformation

Think Tank - 12:05 pm - 12:35 pm

Big Data initiatives have become a reality among almost every company today, however, what we have seen is lots of initiatives have become just science projects and did not deliver on early expectations. This situation needs to reversed quickly because those organizations that are being successful with Big Data and analytics programs are rapidly leaving those that are unsuccessful in their wake. Big Data and analytics has the potential to be transformational for the enterprise, but IT leaders need to be making the right investments, in the right areas, to ensure optimal success. This panel discussion will focus on how to use data and analytics to drive true business success and show some real examples of companies and individuals who made a difference.


  • Analytics is not a new capability and has always been aligned with the most successful companies
  • The roles of IT and the lines of business are changing when it comes to data and analytics programs
  • The business benefits of analytics programs can be huge but efforts need to be constrained so that they don’t turn into flights of fancy, yet set free enough that they find the “unknown unknowns” that truly drive transformation

Required Qualifications for Speakers:

  • Senior level decision maker of a major organization - i.e. SVP, C-Suite, EVP
  • Executive level experience within a major institution with a direct and relevant focus

* I have read and meet the required qualifications for CIO Vancouver Summit speakers

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Using Data & Analytics to Drive Business Transformation

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